The promise of our democracy is that our government would be for the people and of the people. To ensure our nation upholds its ideals and promises of a truly equal democracy, we need representatives who look like the communities they’re representing. Right now, 90% of elected officials in the United States are white and, to reach true political equity, Black Americans must hold at least 13% of all elected offices– and we intend on getting there.

Equitable political representation is the catalyst our country desperately needs to uplift Black voices. While recognizing electoral success is just one piece in this puzzle, our work centers on giving endorsed candidates the resources and the foundation to win and WIN BIG.

Our work today will pave the way for future generations to continue breaking barriers and for future electoral successes at every level of government in 2022, 2024, and beyond. Black Americans have and will always continue to make history– and here at Elect Black Democrats, we are doing all we can to make the promise of democracy a reality.

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Elect Black Democrats is a joint PAC and SuperPAC that is dedicated to fixing the significant under-representation of the Black community in all levels of political office. Our vision is to support progressive, Black Democrats running across the country at every level of Government. We will also turn out, educate, and engage Black voters– the foundation and backbone of the Democratic coalition across the country.

With Trump and the GOP using dirty tactics of Jim Crow-era voter suppression to stack the odds in their favor, it’s never been more important to advocate for Black candidates standing on the frontlines against racism and white supremacy. Our endorsed candidates are taking this fight head on and we are proud to stand beside them with our full support.


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